Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Smorgasbord dinners


We all love so many different types of foods. Often when we cook we create our dishes all around one theme. For examples an all Italian meal, or all Mexican meal or all Chinese meal. Which is really fun plus makes a great excuse for a dinner party. But what about a SMORGASBORD of all your favorite dishes you love together? I really love doing this. Mixing a few different cultures in one meal. Making foods like say an Indian lentil soup, a Mediterranean salad, a Mexican fried rice & perhaps a salmon marinated in Japanese condiments such as tamari, sesame seed oil with some ginger just for examples. I know sounds like a palate disastrophe, but no not at all. Let's think of tapas, how fun are they? They are all so very different in flavours, textures and are definitely not made with only one region in mind and it's a great way also to have a little bit of everything you love. 
It allows something for everyone plus a great way to use up left overs or perhaps what needs using up.
Have fun with food and with all it's diversity. Your creations are endless. 

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