Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What's in your processed meat?

All around the globe almost everyone loves meat in any way shape or form. For some, the more convenient the better and that would be packaged and ready to go. Is convenient really that much better? Maybe for saving time but not so much for our health.

The chemicals, preservatives, colouring & mystery fillers are only some of the items we consume when eating processed meat, causing mild illness to chronic disease. 

We all know processed foods are not good for us, however some still consume them on a regular basis and in large amounts.

I do like the saying "everything in moderation" however some things I don't care to give that rule of thumb too. I mean really HOT DOGS? Fast food/store bought CHICKEN NUGGETS? Those just make me sick just thinking about them.


Did you know?
Eating five or more servings per week of processed meat more than doubles the risk of colorectal cancer.
Come on fellow Canadians, let's cut back on the ol' favourite--back bacon and maple ham. Check out this study on processed meats..

  • StudyProcessed Meat Raises Colorectal Cancer Risk

    Apr 17, 2014 - Many studies have shown that eating too much red meat is bad for your health; but, a new study has found that eating processed meat significantly increases ...studies involving 18,000 people in the United States, Canada, ...
  • I know it tastes sooooo good right? But!

     When we eat we allow our taste buds to take control which is a natural reaction, but by this happening it makes us ignore what we are putting into our bodies. Now of course we want to eat what tastes good and of course our taste buds are what tells us exactly that. We just need to be aware of that these packaged processed foods we love that tastes so good are not good at all for us.

    Infact: The more junk we eat- the more our bodies crave. Some worse than others. The more wholesome foods we eat-the more wholesome foods we want. However once we know what we are eating we begin to taste foods differently. We then learn to eat foods for our good health we change our taste buds and begin to appreciate the wholesome, vibrant & healthy foods. The end result a healthier you. 

    I came across this great but vulgar article & video on processed meat. Please take a peak! See what we are feeding our selves & our families. Know that your taste buds are fooling you 
    and that you are doing yourselves more harm eating these convenient chemical induced meats based on satisfying your taste buds.

    Article thanks to women's magazine.

    By definition, processed meat has been altered somewhere between the farm and the factory—maybe the animals were fed additives, the meat was packed with preservatives to give it a longer shelf life, or the color and texture were tweaked to make the end product tastier and more appealing. But even if you think you're cool with this—it's the price you pay for the occasional juicy hot dog or bacon cheeseburger, right?—you might be very disturbed by the disgusting process that 
    turns a living animal into a neatly shaped patty or sausage. That's the takeaway from a stomach-churning BuzzFeed video making the rounds today.
    Among the nasty facts revealed:
    1. It's totally legal for rat hair to be in your burger or beef taco: The FDA says it's OK to have four rodent hairs per 100 grams of processed food.
    2. Chicken nuggets and hot dogs are poured into molds from liquefied meat.
    3. Your super healthy omega-3 packed farm-raised salmon fillet has been dyed pink.
    4. In the past, about 70 percent of poultry in this country has been fed arsenic-based drugs.
    ******If this isn't gross enough, check out this video. 
    The facts stated and visually brought to us via women's health hopefully brings you to try eating & cooking with more wholesome foods & less packaged foods especially processed meat. 
    Do not always trust your taste buds, rather be mindful when you eat. Know that NOT everything you eat that tastes good is good for you. Just this article & video on processed meats is a huge but also a small fact on all processed foods.
    Changing the habit--

    A few tips for making better decisions with processed meats. First try eliminating these items slowly from your meals, even if your're not interested in eliminating them altogether. The less the better. You can also try buying organic meats such as a whole organic chicken and slicing it up for your chicken sandwich as a great substitute. Preparing healthy foods ahead of time is "the best" convenient way to avoid a quick unhealthy grab from whatever drive thru tempts you or from purchasing these arsenic meats.

     Wholesome & nutritional foods should be the majority if not completely what you should consume daily.  Less animal products and more plant based foods will be the key to your success. Your bodies will thank you. 
    Choose good health as you & your families deserve it and may you be Nutritionally Well

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