Sunday, 15 June 2014

A tip to getting your kids to eat more wholegrains

Here's a tip that may get your kids to eat less white rice and more whole grains with out compromise of taste or texture.
The rice responsible for my success is basmati rice AKA indian rice. 
I think the fragrance alone of basmati rice is the hook line and sinker to a great start for switching out the white rice. Brown basmati rice smells delicious, the same as the white basmati but with more nutrients. It is not as chewy & dense in texture like regular brown rice plus it's a lighter color which makes the kids think they are still eating only white rice. My daughter loves opening up the jar and smelling it. However it could be her way of checking up on me to see if I'm sneaking in something different? I wouldn't put it past her. 😉. I did use both white (1/4) and (1/2) brown and added (1/4) of a little speckle & crunch from the red & white quinoa. Adding more fiber and protein per serving this way. Not to mention more vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that any white rice will never give you.
It's that "sneaking " in extra nutrients I mentioned in an earlier blog. If your children have a favourite veggie they like, add it in too. The more fiber and other beneficial nutrients the better. 
Being that my daughter does not like sauce made from well--almost anything or foods mixed together ( yes I know some of you feel my pain ) , when she eats whole grains as in rice or pasta, she always requests a little butter. Which is exactly what the picture below is. At least I added peas to mine when I was a kid..:)
Give it a try.. If my picky eater approved this, you may have success too. :) 
After eating this for a while, switching out all the white rice will make it easy peasy. 

Hope it works. Even a great method for the adults who are trying to eat a little healthier-- As always--May you be Nutritionally Well.

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