Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Black Bean Spaghetti

Black Bean Pasta??? Yup, such an awesome new food find. 
Gluten free-vegan-nutrient dense-organic

My new food find was at Costco. 

Look at this nutritional profile!!

Can you read the fine print? Regular pasta has only 5-6 grams of protein & 2-3 grams of fiber compared to this at a whopping 23 grams of protein & a whopping 11 grams of fiber per 50 grams ( dry ) serving. Oh and don't forget 30% iron. Now that's eating smarter! When we eat foods that are nutrient dense AKA foods high in nutrients compared to calories, we nourish ourselves without compromise if you will. For example eating regular white pasta offers so little nutrients. So all you get is pretty much just simple carbs. Great for endurance but not for those who do little exercise and love to eat pasta. On my pinterest account I have a board called " Not your average noodle " this is one for that board. Another bonus is this is gluten free (&VEGAN). So for those with a gluten allergy or those wanting to cut back on your gluten intake this is a GREAT OPTION. I am so excited to try this & post a new recipe. I have a feeling I can get my 9 year to eat this. She's a pasta lover & to get more nutrients in her is always the goal. 

Ok here's a comparison from a gluten free pasta product I bought a few weeks ago. 
Holy!!!  66 grams of carbs, only 3 grams of fiber, only 6 grams of protein & 6% iron.. 
That's less than 1/2 of the nutrients offered in the black bean pasta. 
Not to mention there is also calcium in the black bean pasta & non in the other.

Sounds like this will be a staple in my pantry. How about you? Get more out of your food and consume products that are nutrient dense, low fat & organic. Give it a try and as always -- may you be Nutritionally Well. 😊

******UPDATE. June 19 original post June 11

  First dish with these noodles. Next one will be more thought out lol.

The texture is slightly different. Not bad at all. I can't seem to find a word to describe them except maybe a little chewy but more similar to al Dante and that's fully cooked. The taste is rather really good. It will all depend on the sauce you choice. I just whipped up a quick Asian inspired salad with it. Rice vinegar, Braggs liquid soy seasoning, coconut nectar & olive oil ( I was out of sesame oil ) . Sesame seeds, red pepper, green & red onion. Salt & pepper to taste plus maybe a strange ingredient?? Parm cheese.. It was good for a quick lunch and being so hungry.. BUT what I'm really excited to say is--da da daaaaaaa!!!!! My daughter came home from a sleep over plus she played till about 2 pm the next day. I knew she didn't eat much but after our dinner and karate she needed a snack. A typical thing for her and I think for most kids after a long day. I told her she needed either fruit salad or broccoli salad ( which she does not like because the ingredients are not separate ) so I said that there was some plain black bean noodles left over. She of course said NO. I told her not to judge till she tastes it . I made it her way, just butter and melted cheese. 
  I am pleased to say SHE LOVED IT!. 
The thrill to have your PICKY CHILD love something full of nutrients is rewarding. Makes me so happy that I studied so hard to learn more about nutrition and bring my knowledge and love to my family. 
Touché & a happy dance! Lol

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