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Juicing for detoxing

Juicing is a great way to eat more fruit and veggies. On top of that the more of them we eat the more essential nutrients we get. All fruit and veggies contain phytonutrients which are very unique which offer a multitude of health benefits. Certain ones help out more with certain ailments. For instance most of these ingredients in this drink offer more in cleansing & detoxing our bodies. Helping flush out harmful toxins out of our bodies so our organs function better. The better we have them working the better we will be & the better we will function.

Top detoxing & cleansing foods 

Green foods
Citrus foods
Green tea
Nuts & seeds
Omega 3 oils
Read more on many other foods helping in detoxing & cleansing the body.

**How else we can help our bodies in detoxing**
Diet is just one component of any well-designed cleanse. In addition with an eating plan, there are other important steps:
1) Enhance Circulation: A lack of physical activity can result in poor circulation of blood and lymph fluid, which can have a negative effect on health and impair detoxification and immune function. The best way to get blood flowing is to exercise. Contrast showers anddry skin brushing are also great because they can be integrated into your regular shower.
2) Promote Elimination: When toxins that are stored in our cells are mobilized, they travel to our blood and must be eliminated from the body through feces, urine, or sweat or they can be reabsorbed and recirculated in our systems. Sometimes our organs of elimination are sluggish because we don’t move (and therefore don’t sweat), are constipation, or don’t drink enough water. Ways to increase elimination include: foods that prevent constipation, herbal laxatives such as senna tea or cascara, increased fluid intake, colonics, or enemas.
3) Improve Digestion: Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, so that it can keep potentially harmful bacteria in check, otherwise “bad” bacteria can produce toxins that damage the intestinal lining, are absorbed into the bloodstream, and injure cell membranes in the body. The cleanse can often provide the nutrients needed to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics can also be supplemented.
Most detox diets call for the removal of foods people are often sensitive to, such as wheat and gluten. A properly chosen diet supports the liver by providing it with protein, antioxidants, vitamin, and other nutrients so that it can detoxify efficiently. Supplements can also be taken, such as protein powder and vitamins, antioxidants, herbs for the liver, or detox teas.
4) Mind/Body Wellness: Stress can impair the body’s detoxification systems and lead to digestive ailments, impaired immunity, and have wide-ranging effects on health. A detox diet is a time not just to let the body heal, but to allow the mind to rest. Try to incorporate mind/body practices into your detox, such as diaphragmatic breathingprogressive muscle relaxation, ormindfulness meditation.
**These four points are compliments of the website below.**👇

Detox Diet - The 7 Day Plan - Alternative Medicine - › ... › Diets & Superfoods › Detox Diet
by Cathy Wong - Many popular detox diets, such as the 10-Day Detox Diet and the Clean ...5) Top 20 Detox Foods: Want to know what some of the star players of the diet are?

Keeping our organ systems running efficiently will help keep us young and disease free. 
Why not incorporate more of these healing foods into our diets. By juicing or making smoothies will only make it easier to do so. Give these foods a try and eliminate the processed & fast foods we seemed to be stuck on that only create toxic build up, which is what we need to get rid of. 

Let's live healthy and happy and may you be Nutritionally Well.

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