Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Cake Pudding

A true disaster turned yummy when trying to tweak this recipe.
Let me introduce you to the Mug Cake

 This is " the mug cake "

I am so not a baker on most days but I can usually tweak a recipe and have it turn out. I have a feeling it's all about the coconut flour. I thought I converted the flour properly but not so much. Somehow I managed to save the recipe and to my surprise my daughter couldn't stop asking to lick the spatula then wanted her own little bowl full.

Cake Pudding or shall I say "Thug Cake"

 This is now  " cake pudding "
Yup a tad different looking for sure lol. But yummy!! 

Now that I've managed to accidentally make cake pudding or as I'm calling it anyways, I'll have to tweak it even more. I don't think the oil was necessary but if so I'll try using applesauce or bananas plus cook on stove stop. That will definitely be another time. 

Here is the original recipe. (Courtesy of the Food Network magazine)

 <<Original recipe

My attempt to making it healthier.. 

1/2 cup coconut palm sugar
1/2 cup vanilla flax milk ( or any of your choice )
1/4 cup grape seed oil
1/8 cup coconut flour
1 flax egg ( see below )
1/4 tsp vanilla 
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/3 cup soaked cashews ( see below )

** use organic when possible**


*Cashews-- soak 1/3 cup of raw cashews overnight and drain. This makes the cashews soft enough to blend to a smooth & creamy consistency

*Make flax egg
Flax egg = 1 tbsp ground flax seed + 3 tbsp water. Let sit for a about 15 minutes to allow it to gel

In a medium size bowl--Mix sugar, milk, oil, flax egg & vanilla together till smooth
Add in flour & baking soda
Transfer mixture to a very slightly greased microwave safe dish and pop into microwave

 What the raw mix looks like

Microwave in 2 minute intervals -- 4 times 
Give the mixture a stir every 2 minutes
It should look like its caramelizing 

Add cashews and mixture to a mixer and purée till smooth

You can dip some sliced apples & bananas into it or you could top it onto some oatmeal, greek yogurt or even use it as icing on top of this original Mug Cake recipe. 

So here it is, I'm actually posting this which surprises me :)
Because it was nummy, gooey especially when warm. Mostly I am happy my daughter loved it! If it's kid approved it worth posting on the blog. 

Whether you make the original Mug Cake recipe or my nummy disaster or even a better version may you be Nutritionally Well. Have fun with it.

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