Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Spring Allergies

                          Spring Allergies 

Herbs For Allergies Symptoms: Home Remedies

It's that time again when we all seem to have at least one or more symptoms of seasonal allergies.

This is my favourite time of year. The changes the earth makes amazes me each time. It's as if the world becomes alive again, flowers curling up peeking and popping through the dirt resulting into their beautiful colours and wonderful scents. Birds chirping as they build their nests for their new arrivals. The smell of the very first lawn cut and a mornings glance of the dew glistening on the tip tops on each blade of grass  just as the sun comes up. All this creating a feeling unlike no other. Until you sneeze and can't smell it, your eyes are to watery to see it and everything makes you itch. Now if that's not a moment killer , what is?..ha ha. but we can try to avoid this.
Our diet can also effect how our bodies react to seasonal allergies.
Certain foods can make this season even worse for us. Alcohol, fast food and processed food are some.
.. The more healthy natural foods we eat, the easier it will be to avoid such an attack. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, for example Nutraceuticals and Antioxidants, the more we eat of these foods the more we protect our bodies from harm. Call it a defence shield. However not everything is full proof including our diets but by eating so much unhealthy, unnatural foods will make our shield very small or perhaps may prohibit us in building much of a shield at all. Let's be able to enjoy this season the way it is meant to be felt. Eat right and smell the roses..very cliche but soooo very true. Makes me feel like doing cartwheels with my youngest daughter. As I do that, here is a great website I love. Hope you enjoy the reads and explore more of what this website offers. It's a favorite of mine.

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