Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cleansing and Detoxing

The Four Elements Cleanse

                      Cleansing & Detoxing

Why a cleanse or detox?..Tired, brain fog, slow digestive system, prone to colds, poor eating habits, over indulgences, excess alcohol consumption, body is to acidic, heavy metal build up, the reasons why are endless. This website below posted some great reasons for a cleanse.


A few years back when I did my first cleanse, I didn't know much about it, the word wasn't even in my vocabulary and who I thought did them were only those fanatic about natural health.
Even though always being very active and eating well, I wasn't feeling the efforts of it. I heard a friend of mine talking about a cleanse she and her husband do every year together. It made me think that maybe that was the tip I needed.
When I started to research cleansing and detoxing, I began to learn again about the bodies organs and the importance of their roles. I then learnt even the healthiest people need a good cleanse/detox every so often. Everyones system doesn't run at 100% all the time. We breath toxins in everyday, whether from inside air or outside air. Our skin is exposed to pollutants and chemicals from cleaners and topical beauty products. The point is we don't live in a bubble protecting us from everyday life, and our organs and organ systems need a kick start and/or a good reboot every so often to help rid the burden of toxic build up. I was amazed with how much junk came out of me with my first cleanse. For the first time, I felt clean inside. It was truly amazing. As you cleanse more and depending on your lifestyle, you will excrete less and less out of you, however never the less it's still a good habit to continue. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean you don't have toxic build up.
By eating a healthy diet full of nutrients that our bodies need and not consuming chemical foods is a huge start to lessen the toxins in our bodies. We all know moving our bodies everyday is also key to good health , bring the sweat on and you are eliminating toxins via your skin. Now we can go on forever about toxins and chemicals and how to eliminate them as much as possible out of our lives, but I'm just keeping it real. Most of us do not use 100% all natural products or eat 100% all organic or even eat the perfect diet on a regular bases. It's a fact toxins build up and can hinder our body systems from working at their optimal and in some cases creating disease. Just like our house needs a good spring and fall cleaning, so do our bodies. There are several ways to cleanse and detox.
It can be overwhelming just like anything new. I came across this website
while pinning on Pinterest. It gives some great cleanses and recipes for each type.
Another point about cleansing and detoxing is it goes beyond food. We can aid in toxin elimination as mentioned earlier through sweating. The use of saunas, hot tubs, foot baths and massages are also among the many ways to rid ourselves of toxins. So go ahead and relax.
To sum things up,
We can not avoid toxins completely.
Keep in mind the best base to aid in some toxic build up is truly a healthy lifestyle.
The less junk we put in, the less junk needs to come out.
You can find more about this topic on my Pinterest board called  "Cleansing and Detoxing" which are from some other websites I came across. Even better, research about this topic for yourself as there are many websites to explore. Talk to a health professional in this field for some one on one. However or wherever you want to start, it's a good start.

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