Monday, 10 June 2013

A Start To Healthier Eating

    I'm going to tell you what you already know----Cut out THE JUNK!
I know easier said then done, but like anything new, change won't happen if you don't try to make it happen.
Eliminating the processed, high sugary, trans fatty foods will not only make you feel better but you will be taking charge of your health by limiting your chances for disease and increasing longevity.
Food heals us, nourishes us and it gives us our fuel for all our bodily functions.
Fueling ourselves right gives us energy and vitality. Eating THE JUNK makes us only feel sluggish, sick and tired.
When starting to eat a healthier diet, we just start in baby steps with eliminating one junk item and replacing it with a healthier item, example: swap chips for an apple with almond butter, white rice for brown rice, ice cream for greek yogurt and fresh fruit, pop for water or homemade iced teas sweetened with stevia. The options are endless because of the endless amounts of nutritious healthy foods available to us.
This can also be very overwhelming because of all the diets advertised constantly around us. How do we know which one to chose?. Well let me tell you---what you chose is balance, variety and moderation. What does that tell you, you say?. That means this goes back to my first blog on Essential Nutrients. Getting all of them is crucial for good health. This is whether you are a meat eater or not. The websites (USDA & Health Canada) I posted with that blog explains in complete detail on nutrition.
I've added this website from WebMd as it explains what Balance, Variety and Moderation is.
Once on their site type eating healthy getting started in the search box, then click on the link when the page comes up.

       Often with change in your new healthy eating habits you can't help but to put all your new energy to good use.
Most people change their lifestyle as it just seems to happen naturally with all your new found cells. You may hook up with a friend and take on some yoga classes or read up on meditation and learn the importance of breath or prehaps run that marathon you always wanted to do. What you need to know is that you are enriching your life with one simple change- Healthy Eating. So start today making the change you deserve. Search the web for endless sites on health, nutrition, exercise and wholesome recipes. You may seek a nutritionist or chat with your own doctor. Whichever way you chose to learn is all up to you.
Bon Appetit, and may you be Nutritionally Well. Kim :)

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