Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I have a Bone to pick!

 What's with all the before and after weight loss pictures and pics of extremely skinny bony girls all over Pinterest? Sorry but I have a bone to pick!

   Now don't get me wrong, losing weight and being healthy and fit is of course what I agree with but some are just ridiculous and I believe sending the wrong information on how one is supposed to look like. Some are way to skinny and unrealistic and that is what I have concerns with. It brings me back to my blog I did on eating disorders and self image.

     As you may know I kinda like Pinterest. I love the quick references of the info-graphs the most, as its nice to have facts in one small picture. Very easy to pull up when the brain isn't working or just to full to file it in. Plus it's a great way for me to share facts on health & nutrition. A little laugh is always welcomed too.

I wasn't on Pinterest last year this time. I am assuming because of the nice weather these pictures surface more. People trying to promote a product or diet? Great timing I guess as the pressure to be thin for summer or a vacation kicks in for some. Even on some of the holistic and natural boards I follow are flooded with them. I just recently deleted some because it doesn't make sense to me nor do they pertain to what the boards contents were supposed to be about. The thing I don't like about it is that if one isn't sure how to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, then these pictures with promises of quick weight loss may be guiding people in the wrong direction and a set up for failure and sickness. To think all your bones showing is beautiful is not a healthy mind. Having respect for ourselves and our bodies is a great start to a healthy weight loss or just a healthier you. It's about getting and being healthy. Not to look like anyone else or to be as skinny as possible. Change takes time.
   How about the endless supplements that are offered out there and the commercials on T.V certainly don't make things very easy for us. Now those are confusing aren't they?. 
    Another thing you may be familiar with is food pyramids. How many are out there? I have no idea.
 I have a board of them on Pinterest. I am amazed myself and I do not promote any particular one of them as I believe we all need to make our own lifestyle decisions ( however there are some I do not recommend at all to anyone). So THE KEY is Lifestyle. If one is looking to lose weight it will take more then a fad diet to accomplish it. Food isn't the only thing that changes. We also need exercise as apart of our healthy lifestyle. I know you know that. It's just a matter of doing it. Once we start making changes things start to roll quite nicely. Keeping up with it is what really matters. Yes it's lifestyle so only 2 weeks isn't going to cut it. 
I've mentioned in my other blogs about the importance of balance, variety & moderation. We need to make sure we consume all the essential nutrients. Our bodies will not function nor perform well when it is unbalanced and unbalance creates disease. Take note when viewing some of those pyramids if you do. Some are really lacking balance. Wholesome, nutrient dense ,unprocessed, organic foods in balance, variety & moderation are where you will find your essential nutrients. As a reminder to what are essential nutrients you can take a look at my blog under the nutrition label. It is labeled Essential Nutrients.

    What is Nutrient dense? Nutrient dense in simple terms is when your foods nutrients are greater than the foods calorie amount. Ever heard of "empty calories"? That would be the opposite of nutrient dense. The calories are greater then the nutrients of that particular food. An example of this comparison would be a cup of milk verses a can of pop. The milk is nutrient dense where as the pop has empty calories.
Pop has nothing to offer but simple carbs, refined "SUGAR". 10 Teaspoons approx. and the total calories are about 150 per 12 oz can. Crash and burn food, I call it.
Milk offers high amounts of protein, calcium, Vit D & Vit A. per one cup and is about 110 calories for the 1%.

   So keep in mind there are NO QUICK fixes for long term results. A change to a lifestyle of healthy wholesome natural foods and exercise and the commitment to do that will improve your life no doubt about it.
   Do set out your own goals. You may chose to get this help with the guidance of a health coach or nutritionist, doctor or naturalpath.
   Don't follow fad diets and quick fixes. It's a trap.

I am attaching the Canadian food guide website for you to use as  reference as it gives you a lot of answers to many questions.

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