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Children's Nutrition

                                          Children's Nutrition 
Feeding our children the healthiest foods is sometimes difficult. We have the picky eaters then we have the ones who are pretty open to trying anything "once" but that's it , and then we have the ones who are in the USE  to category. I have one in the use to category. Why I've termed it that is because one day my daughter likes a certain food then all of sudden she won't eat it because she USE  to like it and now doesn't. 

So the old reliables are not the old reliables anymore. Broccoli is out but asparagus is in. So I am thrilled we are still liking veggies but it's not so fun making her eat what she doesn't like and battling  having her try new things with her nosed turned up from stubbornness. To help with having our children eat healthy or trying something new is to make food fun. Create a funny face or even an animal out of it. 

Here are some pictures of fun food art I found off the Internet. Just to give you some ideas.

My daughter loves it and the food goes down way easier.
Another way to get our little picky eaters to eat better is to be a food sneaker.
Puréed or grated veggies in sauces, soups and muffins. Another awesome idea is for the little pasta eaters. To get extra nutrients without sacrificing taste and texture is to use whole grain pasta such as Tru Roots ancient grains pasta or which ever other brands that offer whole grains. Whole wheat is great too but most kids find the texture to much to adjust to from eating regular white pasta. This brand I use makes it an easy transition.

How about a yummy desert or sweet treat? At our house we make home made sorbet in our Vitamix. Frozen fruit & coconut water and I sometimes add a packet of stevia to it. Another great idea is homemade ice cream. Frozen bananas in the Vitamix and I may add some almond butter to switch it up a bit. These are great options for treats and the kids will love it! So say no to the expensive sugary chemical filled boxed treats and put that money towards a healthy investment- A machine that the kids will thank you for. 

Being that our nutritional needs change during each life stage, here is the Canadian food guide website to help us give our little ones the correct amount of nourishment they need.

Children - Canada's Food Guide › ... › Advice for different ages and stages
Mar 1, 2011 – Information and tips on providing children with a healthy, balanced diet. ... meet their needs. Serve small nutritious meals and snacks each day.
For extra reads here's a website talking about kids taste buds. Hope you enjoy..

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