Friday, 19 July 2013

How we influence our children

As we think about having children we often think we know how we will raise them. We see others with their children and yes we all do it, we judge on their parenting skills.  We tell ourselves that we would never do, say or even behave the way someone else did with their kids or perhaps maybe the opposite with something you see and agree with and we tell ourselves that we will be just the same in the same situation..

Reality is, that it is the same with everything we have not experienced yet for ourselves in life, which in this case Is parenting. We seem to think we know what we will do or say prior to us experiencing it first hand for ourselves. These are normal reactions.

We learn from watching & listening. Whether this be good or not so good.

I think you will agree with me that we all want what's best for our children. We want to be able to give them the best, teach them, guide them, love them and be with them , ultimately becoming the best parents we can be to them, which every child needs and deserves.

 Without even saying a word we teach & guide them. Everything we do influences our children . The way we speak , dress, treat others, treat ourselves and of course our own Lifestyle choices. What difference do they know if this is all they see?

I am no expert in parenting what so ever and nor will I ever claim to be. I have made many mistakes and sometimes poor choices in my parenting. Everyone will do this as the saying goes " nobodys perfect".
One thing I do know for sure and first hand with both my girls is teaching a healthy nutritional lifestyle the best I can.

Teaching a healthy active lifestyle early teaches them to make better choices now & in the future. The opposite which is of course being inactive and eating proceeded , sugary, fatty foods will set them up for a tough time now & later in life.

If we live a sedentary lifestyle and make poor food choices our children would know no different and follow because they also learn from watching. If we get to busy with our lives whether work or hobbies sometime we find cooking to be a huge time comsumer and we choose drive thru-s and packaged foods. Let's face it, the kids will never say no to fast food, sugar and packaged items. Their taste buds are to sensitive when they are young. If we get the right taste in them early, it becomes second nature to eat whole grains rather than refined grains (for an example). Now I'm not saying without a fight, but eventually it will become easier then trying at age 8 to say eat brown rice over white if you know what I mean. This goes the same for being active. Kids need to be kids, running, jumping, playing and yes down time too. This generation seems to be influenced by more screen time and of course this is because times have changed. When I was little we had T.V and radio---wait a minute I'm not that old even, so no old people jokes thank you very much. :) Each generation  evolves with the times just as we did in our times.
The obesity rates are higher than ever and this is a fact for our children as well as us adults. What does that say?..Think about it. If we as adults are more obese than ever, doesn't it make sense our children are?. Yes it does and it's simple. Our children are influenced by us. We are why our children are unhealthy or inactive or eating poorly. They know no different because we are their examples, they learn from watching and listening just as we do.
here is a website to follow up on this topic.
Thank you for reading. I enjoying writing this very much.
May you and your family be active & Nutritionally Well.

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