Friday, 6 September 2013

Choosing The Healthier Drink

                                                    The Color Difference

Our eyes our naturally drawn to vibrant, bright rich colours. Especially as children. As adults we come to learn that not all vibrant, bright rich colours are all healthy choices. Kool-aid & most fruit juices are very pleasing to the eye and then again so sweet how could one possibly say no to that? 

The more wholesome naturally vibrant, bright rich coloured foods we eat the less we want of the synthetic coloured ones.
Sometimes when we mix the naturally vibrant foods together its not always so pretty. Giving it a try for the first time is the hardest part, but not for long as you will realize that these new colours taste better than they look! Actually they taste Awesome! 

This smoothie I made has
hemp seeds
coconut water 
Vanilla whey protein powder
Greens powder 
mixed berries

Now there are some very wholesome and vibrant colours in there. Now mixing them, not so much. 

This is the difference. Understanding the nutritional value makes it so much easier to want to drink this shake with it not looking so pretty. Also knowing the taste is very pleasing makes a huge difference.

There is no nutritional value in those neon coloured sugar drinks. They offer nothing except for loads of dyes and chemicals.

This shake for an example offers many vitamins & mineral & phytochemicals and Nutrients, which all offer health benefits. This is what you call Nutrient Dense ( aka loaded with nutrients ) verses the synthetic drinks which are Energy Dense ( aka empty calories ). 

Making healthy choices like this is key to good health.
Try making your own healthy shakes & juices. 
You can always pop into your local health food store to grab your juices/smoothies & shakes too.

Feel the difference and may you be Nutritionally Well!

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