Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kelp Noodles

                 KELP NOODLES

Not your average noodle for sure. I discovered these last year while in Nelson B.C. I have tried a few recipes. Some raw and now one cooked. 

First let's start with saying that Kelp noodles are Very low in Carbs & Calories. They are Fat free, Gluten free & Allergy free & Vegan. 
Kelp noodles are also rich in Calcium & Iodine. 

When kelp noodles are eaten raw they have a bitter taste & a crunchie texture. 
You can marinate the kelp noodles to take away most of the bitter taste and crunchy texture.

What I have done in the past was make my Thai noodle salad recipe using Kelp noodle instead of Whole Wheat spaghetti noodles. Marinating the Kelp noodle over night in the sauce made the Kelp noodles seem more like regular noodles while keeping it a raw meal.

When cooked they soften and have no bitter taste. 

This recipe all I did was make a regular pasta sauce with ground turkey ( use meat sub for 100% Vegan or none) veggies, chicken stock, wine and spices. I added the kelp noodles to the sauce and let it heat up with the sauce and truly I thought I was eating regular pasta but without the loaded carbs, fat & gluten. 

I love pasta way to much and for that reason I have been finding new alternatives to cut back on my carb, fat & calorie intake without sacrificing taste, texture & flavour. 

Now if I am fuelling for a workout or activity where I need my carbs then I of course won't eat the no carb noodle. I will eat appropriately before & after accordingly. 

Hope you try this amazing raw food item and may you be Nutritionally Well.

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