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                                                         7 Grain Tempeh

Tempeh is made from soybeans just like Tofu but it is less processed and contains more fiber & protein. You can get different flavours. This one contains 7 grains. I find it hardier in taste & texture and being that it includes many whole grains, that means extra nutrients. 

To cook it all you have to do is heat & serve. I slice it and pan fry it lightly in coconut oil. Often I just cook it and leave it in the frig for a quick grab to add to my meals and snacks.

Being that it is hardy and a has a meat like texture it's a great meat substitute. Tempeh is largely used in vegetarian diets/lifestyle because of its nutrients and also for its hardy meat like texture and of course for it's protein value. 

The recipes are endless with Tempeh. You can chop it up in a food processor or Vitamix to create a ground meat like texture. You can slice it for your favourite burger or sandwich recipes. How about cubing it and tossing it into a salad? Tempeh works in so many of our favourite recipes.

What I really like about this 7 grain Tempeh is its fiber content. Offering 8 grams per 100 gram serving. That's 32% of our daily intake. . 
Being that we are supposed to be getting at least 14 grams of fiber per 1000 Calories, Tempeh is a great addition to our daily meals to help obtain that.

The second thing I like about Tempeh is that the protein value is 15 grams per serving, now that's a third of my daily protein intake. You can calculate your protein needs by taking your weight in lbs and multiplying by .36 or kg x .08. Body builders may differ from those calculations.

The fermentation process is what makes this unique as it increases's the amount of Riboflavin( B2 ),Vit B6 ( pyridoxine), Niacin ( B3 ) & Pantothenic Acid in the Tempeh making it even more nutritious. 

Health benefits: 
Soybeans are known for its Isoflavone content. Many diseases can be cured or prevented by consuming foods with Isoflavones. Soybeans are by far the most concentrated source of Isoflavones in the human diet.
There are many more health benefits from Tempeh. Here is a website I like that explains some of what those are.

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