Saturday, 7 December 2013

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain.

How to keep your weight the same or better through the holidays.

Don't need a New Years resolution for losing the weight you gained over the holidays when you can just follow these few simple tips. 

1. First don't use the holidays as an excuse to over-indulge. 
Why do we feel the need? Because we love excuses. So NO excuses.
Just like we should on all other days, eat till you are satisfied. Remember there is always left overs. You will get some more.

2. Make good choices so you can have those few other items. Load up on veggies first and drink water. This will make you feel more full so when you go to grab your gotta have item then you are more likely to take a smaller portion. 

3. Be mindful. Know what you are eating! How unhealthy or healthy is your choice? Are you eating more healthier than unhealthy? If you say yes then that is part of being mindful. We all know that if we just snack on chips and high fat dips they are not going to make us feel satisfied. That will make us over eat for sure. Empty calories & high fat foods do not fuel our bodies so therefore our bodies don't recognize we even ate. 

4. Don't over-consume alcohol. Alcohol is another huge empty calorie option. However it may be hard not have a little holiday cheer with your loved ones. So if you do drink keep in mind that alcohol will consume some of your calories that you might have used on another food selection. So choosing to have a glass of wine, preferable red because at least it contains antioxidants, will be a better choice to beer loaded with carbs and fancy drink mixes loaded with sugar. These options will add a few extra pounds on for sure. 

5. Exercise has no holidays. 30 minutes a day most days a week is one of the keys to good health, stress release and weight management. Don't let the cold keep you inside. Go for a walk in the snow morning, noon or night. Go skating, throw some snowballs or go sledding. If you have workout equipment in your home, don't let them collect dust, watch a favorite holiday program while you work out to help pass the time. 

Most important try to find a moment for you. I don't mean a lot of time as that isn't always possible but if you can just stop your mind for a moment from racing to thinking about what is next or who needs you. Focus on the now, enjoy what is happening right at that moment. Takes only a few seconds or perhaps you are able to make the moment last longer. Can be done while your cooking dinner, or watching your family interacting with one another or even while you are out for that crisp snowy walk.
When we think always of the past and future, we are never in the now. This will help relieve some holiday stress and ultimatly not let another holiday season sneak by so fast. 

Happy & Healthy Holidays and may you be Nutritionally Well.

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