Wednesday, 11 December 2013

No gym membership needed

Let's first start with saying you do not have to go to the gym in order to get into or be in shape.

The gym certainly can be very intimating to some and more so for those who have never been. It's loud, busy & lots of times crowded and maybe not so affordable.

Now if you go to the gym I'm not saying stop going and work out at home instead. This post is just for those who don't or can't go for whatever their reason may be. This is about knowing there are ample opportunities to exercise using no excuse like "I can't go to the gym " because your gym is all around you.

The first step to working out at home or outside of the gym is your mind set. We all know it's easy to slack when no one is looking so this is where you need to dig deep and make this a habit. Realizing this is your lifestyle and YOU are your own competition. Being your best is what you bring to each and every time you exercise.

One thing I'd like to mention before I continue is keep in mind that getting/staying in shape doesn't mean you have to look like a body builder or be extra thin. You only have to be & do your best, whichever sport or exercise you choose.

Like I mentioned Your at Home workout or outside of the gym workout first starts with the mind set of lifestyle. Know this is apart of your everyday or most days and commit to it for at least minimum of 30 minutes or more. This is your "gym" time. 

Your equipment can be your own body weight, workout videos, maybe some hand weights or tubes or maybe you even have some dusty exercise equipment waiting to be used again. All of these are just some examples to exercise. Another thing is our great outdoors. Take advantage of it. Walking, running, skiing, hiking & cycling are fantastic ways to get/keep in shape if you are not liking the indoors so much or just switching up your workout.

 Here's to being be technical . These are the Five main components of physical fitness

1.cardiorespiratory endurance
2. Muscular strength 
3. Muscular endurance
4. Body composition
5. Flexibility 

 But don't let this intimidate you. All you need to do is move and do your best. Unless you are an athlete or competing in a certain sport or competition all you need is 30 minutes a day or most days to improve your health and maintain and improve muscle & skeleton health.

So let me allow myself to be more personal. I had belong to gyms since I was 15 years old. When I miscarried 2 times with my first pregnancy I had to stop going to the gym  as I was working out to hard. So for me-- gym and pregnancy did not go hand in hand. However for many people it does. Actually also with my second child I miscarried 3 times. My job was way to physical and I had to quit. 
Just a few challenges, but not an obstical. When My family & I moved and I realized I was needed more at home, I started to workout at home, I began to realize a gym membership was not necessarily what I needed to get back into shape. I started to invest in practical equiptment ( well in my opinion ) so I could get back into shape after my second pregnancy. My treadmill was my new heaven until my knee gave out yet again. You might have read my little blurb on my knee under my hydration post, if not well I have always has bad knees. However I love my treadmill and I make the most out of it. I also have added an elliptical and hand weights, a tube and an exercise ball. During my natural health & nutritional schooling I added meditation & yoga to my life, ok let me be even more vulnerable- I have a weakness for Jillian Michaels videos. Seriously some mean workouts!  Kicks my A?? Every time, as it will yours, so no laughing!

Let me finish with this message-----

Life is to be lived, I encourage you to just move. Get out and enjoy what makes you move, whether it's your favorite sport, running, cycling or video , treadmill, hand weights or exercise class and of course your gym just enjoy those workouts and may you also be Nutritionally Well. ✌️

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