Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition you ask?

 Let's break that down.

Holistic means treating the body as a whole. Mind, body, spirit, environmental & physical. 
Holistic Nutrition addresses balance, variety & moderation for each individual.
Holistic Nutritionists create diets to match each individual person with their own health & nutritional needs. 

   We all are unique and have unique needs and a holistic nutritionist knows that there is NOT one lifestyle or diet plan that is the same for each of us based just on that regardless of what lifestyle your holistic nutritionist chooses for themselves. 
   What is also apart of a holistic nutritionist on top of natural nutrition is complimentary therapies such as chiropractors, massage therapists & acupuncturists are among this group. Other examples are mind & body medicine, ancient healing systems, homeopathy, naturopathy & energy medicine.  

   Trying to Prevent Disease is key to good health & longevity and with an holistic approach, we learn to address our concerns NATURALLY & NUTRITIONALLY, even when genetics plays a role against our efforts we can make a difference.
   I have always been about knowing your nutrients and with that I also do believe in the Canadian & USDA food pyramids ONLY based on guidelines to making sure one gets a balance and a variety & a understanding of moderations. The food guides are always changing and now instead of them being based on nutritional deficiencies, they are focused more on meeting energy & nutritional needs and in prevention of disease and promote physical activity. 
Of course they are not individualized, they are just guidelines for the general population.

   Now with that being said and taking this to the next step is maybe understanding protein a little bit more. Animal proteins verses plant proteins, further more understanding nutrition with a certain lifestyle & beliefs which now gets into all these food pyramids.

Confused yet? Sorry as I know this is a lot of information.

Let me hopefully explain this a bit simpler. 

As a whole we are all unique, therefore we all have our own food preferences, health concerns and lifestyle choices. 
What we all need to learn if you will, is balance, variety & moderation within those choices with
understanding which foods, spices & herbs help heal us.  With that what I encourage everyone to do
is---if you do not wish to seek a holistic nutritionist, then please educate yourselves through research, the internet, books etc. After all our own medicine is in the palms of our hands.

We can heal ourselves without medication in a lot of ways. I believe in THE POWER of Nutraceuticals -- AKA natures healthcare with chemical drugs ONLY as a last result.

I do not recommend or promote a CERTAIN lifestyle but I do believe in plant based nutrients. Not saying do not eat ANY animal products ( unless that is apart of your belief) but to eat more plant based foods to animal products. However one can eat a complete, nutritionally well balanced diet eating only plant based foods, because every essential nutrient is available in plant foods and if needed-supplements.
To much animal foods causes our bodies to be to acidic which creates disease plus animal products are loaded with cholesterol & saturated fats, so the less the better. If choosing to eaanimaproductsalways choose lean & lower fat.

I'll be doing another blog to further my conversation on plant based foods verses animal foods & those ever confusing food pyramids.
So for now I'm leaving this blog with some facts on what I have been talking about. 

  Did you know.?.

Raw garlic is a natural antibiotic
Broccoli  has cancer fighting properties
Lavender oil helps with anxiety, insomnia & depression
Ginger aids in the symptoms of seasickness and motion sickness
Pineapple can aid in menstrual  cramps 
Tomatoes can help against prostate cancer
Green tea aids in weight loss
Exercise helps against heart disease 
Etc. Etc. Etc. What more should be said? 

Please take control of your health.  Being knowledgable is very important in improving ones health. After all we all deserve it! and to be Nutritionally Well.

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