Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Years Resolution

     Making a New Years Resolution is very easy, sticking to it is the hard part no matter what the resolution may be.

                             A few reasons why we may not be able stick to them.

   One reason we may not be able to stick to them is that change can be difficult. We seem to fear it. At first the new change may seem easy & fun then a week or two passes and we start slipping back into our old comfort zones without looking back. What ever the change was we made must have been important enough otherwise we wouldn't have made them in the first place, so don't we deserve to be out of our old comfort zones for a while till the new change becomes our new comfort zone? 

   Another reason we may struggle to commit to our New Years Resolutions could be that we set our goals to high. We need to be realistic. For example, if the resolution is weight loss, don't expect to lose a ton of weight in a short period of time and expect to keep it off. However you will lose weight by extreme measures that's for sure, but that again is only short term. If it's a fitness/ personal goal to run a marathon, don't expect to be ready in two months and do well when you have never even ran a 5K. Now that's a set up for disappointment! 

   Perhaps you have decided to be a super mom ( over and above what you are already ) getting super organized, doing laundry & cleaning everyday, cooking elaborate meals every night. Ok maybe this is most moms but point to make is everyday NO thanks. We don't always have the energy to be super all the time. Everyone needs some down time.
   With any new change comes time. It's not going to happen over night. Our bodies and minds need time to break an old habit into a new habit. Baby steps will get you to the big steps in due time and being realistic and honest in what you are asking and expecting from yourself is very important. 
My New Years Resolution is to encourage as many people as possible to eat better. That's it! Short, Simple & Sweet. Best part about it is that it's realistic and do-able. 

Creating a blog on what I am so passionate about was easy. Finding time to blog is the challenge. However I will always manage to find some time and hopefully reach out to even just one person with each post. My goal wasn't and isn't to be popular from my blog or other social networking or earn an income from going to school and becoming a CSNC & CHN, that just happened because I needed to learn more for myself and my family. It is a part I BELEIVE we all deserve for ourselves which is taking control of our own health.  

I wish you all success with your REALISTIC New Years Resolutions and may you all be Nutritionally Well.


Here's a website on New Years Resolutions I found interesting! Hope you enjoy!


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