Friday, 31 January 2014

Carrageenan: Is this food additive safe?

Almond Breeze and So Delicious are two popular and favourite choices for many people for a milk alternative. Did you know they contain a "natural" additive that you may choose not to consume anymore? The additive is called Carrageenan. These two above products are just two examples that are on the list that I'm using for this blog. 

I have been looking for an answer for a bit now to determine if I wanted my family and I to ingest this "natural" additive that many popular brands contain. Funny enough I have been avoiding products with carrageenan as much as possible because I couldn't find all the information I needed until I came across a new follower on twitter and was so thrilled to see this article in detail on it. It was written clear enough for me to understand and make my decision. First I realized I made the right decision by only drinking my favourite Good Karma Flax Delight once in a while as it also contains carrageenan. I also do not believe it is harmful enough in moderation, but in large amounts I wouldn't consume it. That is my take on it. You may feel different. 

I wanted to do this blog for those interested in learning more about it as I did or perhaps wanting to know which brands contain it and which do not just in case you wanted some other options or want to avoid it altogether. It will save a lot of label reading time.
What is interesting too is that the products from a certain brand like the two I show at the top of the blog are also in the carrageenan free categories with their other products. So you can still choose your favourite brand just in a different category. Take a look at the website to see the extensive list, thanks to who put this together for us. Don't forget to read the article attached to learn about this additive you may choose no more.

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