Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fruit dip

Need a sugar quick fix? Here's a sweet quick fix that is healthy and nutritious and the kicker is--you or the kids won't even notice how nutritious it is. Try this little versitle creamy sweet dip/sauce for fruit, or veggies such as beets, carrots, sweet potatoes or pancakes & even shakes. The options are yours.

Soak 1 cup of raw cashews overnight & drain
Add to mixer-blender plus 1 tsp of coconut nectar. 
Will form a paste
For a creamy consistency add a little milk or milk alternative as in soy, almond or rice milk.

I topped my strawberries with rich chocolate cacao nibs & shredded unsweetened coconut. It was a hit!
* use organic when possible
A quick, simple and versatile dip you can leave in your frig for that moment your sweettooth arrives.

Why Cashews? Cashews offer protein and are high in minerals like copper, phosphorus, magnesium, iron which help in bone health, muscle function, hair & skin health and aids in weight loss and helps digestion PLUS fights against cancer.
They contain heart healthy fats AKA monounsaturated fats and are low glycemic so they don't spike your insulin levels keeping your energy levels stable.  
Certainly a better alternative to high fat & high calorie cream dips. What do they offer? Nothing.

Why Cacao Nibs? Cacao nibs are high in magnesium, antioxidants, boosts energy, increases mood, helps relieve PMS symptoms &  helps with appetite control. They are heart healthy because they also contain monounsaturated fats which have been shown to raise HDL levels AKA good cholesterol.
A completely better choice to a milk chocolate dip loaded with sugar meaning high glycemic and often full of artificial ingredients. What does it offer? Nothing.

Why shredded ( unsweetened ) Coconut? Coconut contains fiber, protein, iron, zinc & low glycemic. Helping in boosting energy, improving immune system, supporting bowel function, heart health & stabilizing blood sugar.
A better option then granulated sugar. What does granulated sugar offer? Nothing.

When we choose foods high in nutrients, we  nourish ourselves resulting in us eating less. When we choose foods full of sugar, perservatives & saturated fats we do not nourish ourselves it results in us eating more. 

Hope you enjoy and may you be Nutritionally Well.

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