Saturday, 8 February 2014

Your Valentines Day Check List

                              HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

Ok ladies, time to have a little fun. I have searched the web and have found some fun, fabulous, romantic and perhaps even steamy ideas to help make your at home Valentines Day memorable for you and your loved one. Ready? Here we go!

Get your check list out and get started on choosing your favourite essential oils, foods, movies, music, atmosphere & more. Start the fun with taking these two quizzes below to see who you pair best with.

Singles ladies this is definitely for you. 😊

💘 Check [✔️]  The love style quiz and/or boy type quiz unless you are choosing to make this night your own, skip this part or have a little fun doing it anyways.

This one is just an extra fun read. Take a peek! 

Who is your guy?
💘 Check [✔️] Now that you have the guy or perhaps you know which one you want to spend this
special day/night with.

It's all in setting up for the big day/night now. Let's set the mood! The choices are endless, 
here are some options.

What's on the menu?
💘 Check [✔️] Top foods for LOVE -- from oysters to asparagus to chocolate. A meal together is always a special part of the day.
Set the table with your best dishes and eat by candlelight or have a picnic by the fire using paper plates to leave more time for more important things later.

  1. › Living › Vegan Food
  3. **Another idea is perhaps purchasing a steamy cookbook so you can cook a meal together. I'm sure it's including some of the foods mentioned in the above website.**😉 

What fragrance will best set the mood?
💘 Check [✔️] Candle scents colours and fragrances

  1. 6 of the Sexiest Candle Fragrances that Will Heat Up Your Love Life ...
    Jun 26, 2012 - 6 of the Sexiest Candle Fragrances that Will Heat Up Your Love Life ... You both can be all shined and look your best, but when it comes to sex,  ...
💘 Check [✔️] Essential oils to enhance the mood and their recipes.
 Using essential oils are relaxing & healing and can be sensual whether heated for aroma, used as massage oil, in a bath or using as a mist to scent your pillows & sheets. 
Find a scent you both enjoy.

Somehow alcohol just works for any occasion. Which will you choose.
💘 Check [✔️] Considering a cocktail? Romantic cocktails and their recipes. 
A simple bottle of wine is a also a great choice and very romantic. 
Pssst plus often less sugar & calories ( sorry I can't help myself :) plus it's my fav.

Music speaks without words.
💘 Check [✔️] The greatest love songs of all time and their videos. I was so thrilled to come across this site. I can't wait to watch these videos and reminisce. ( Nothing like telling my age :)

  1. In Love With Love: The Top 30 Greatest Love Songs Of All Time
    Feb 20, 2013 - Except greatest love songs of ALL TIME turned out to be a lot of pressure so it's more like my most favorite songs about love. ..... Also an amazing song is When I Fall In Love by Nat King Cole, that one is über romantic.

  1. Cuddle up and enjoy.
    💘 Check [✔️] Top romantic movies of all time. Everyone loves a great classic or movie in general. Finding one you love together in the romance category isn't always so easy. Let your
    partner pick because ladies really, couldn't we watch them all?

    💘 Here are some more Valentine ideas you may find fun. 

    I hope everyone enjoys this special day but mostly may you choose to be and have more of these moments all year long. One day like this just isn't enough for the one you love.❤️

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