Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fibre rich breakfast bowl

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Starting our day off with a nutritional meal helps our bodies work at there best. Not only making our stomachs feel satisfied but also balancing hormones. Skipping breakfast will only set you up later in the day for extra unwanted snacking and most likely unhealthy choices, not to mention giving you the grumpy's. 😤
On busy mornings pre making breakfast will free up time you really need to get yourself ready and out the door on time.

Kids can easily make recipes like this too. Instead of grabbing any empty calorie breakfast such as sugary cereals, bagels or store bought granola bars that won't make them feel satisfied only to crave more of them very soon. Have them make their own choosing their own healthy ingredients. 
Clearly a meal anyone can make. These are the ingredients I chose.


1 1/2 cups cold matcha green tea
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp phyllium husks powder
1 tbsp ground flax seeds
2 tbsp dried goji berries
1/4 pkg of stevia
3 tbsp mixed berries
Top with hemp seeds, unsweetened coconut & drizzled with maple syrup
**use organic when possible


Add all ingredients EXCEPT fresh berries and mix very well
Add berries now--do not mix anymore 
Refrigerate over night
In the morning top with hemp seeds, coconut and drizzle maple syrup.
**alternatives are really endless to making any breakfast bowl
You can use milk or a milk substitute. You can add any flavours, fruits, nuts, seeds etc.
Make it your own.. This was mine this particular morning. 
However you make yours, know you are choosing a great way to start yours and your families day.
Most of all may you be Nutritionally Well

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