Friday, 1 August 2014

Walmart Ice cream doesn't melt

   Summer is the tme everyone is buying large amounts of frozen, refreshing, iced treats & eats. Some of course are a better value for your money then some----but is the cheaper price worth the chemicals are families are eating? 
   If you haven't heard about this recent story, it's all over the internet & the news. I was BLOWN away when my husband came across this & showed me. 
   The story is about a Walmart brand ice cream sandwich being left outside by a child on a recent hot summer day and yes "it didn't melt". Hummmmm?...we know what happens to "real" ice cream in this heat--- yes it's the one that your trying to lick so fast because it's running down the cone onto your hands & arms. This ice cream would be the one made from real cream, buttermilk, sugar & eggs.
  It just goes to show not all great deals are a great value. So how do we know what to buy? Good question. The easiest way of knowing is if the list of ingredients are really long and/or unpronounceable--- Then DON'T buy it----.
   Ingredients should be a short list and name real foods. There are lots of natural ingredients too that can confuse us and the way to understanding which ingredients those are is to take the time and research them. This will help you understand which products to buy and which ones to leave on the shelf.
  If your not a researcher or one who is interested in doing that, then here are a few recipes you
can easily follow and KNOW you are feeding you and your family nutritious, healthy & chemical free treats.

 Matcha Tea ice cream

 Watermelon Sorbet

By freezing fresh fruit and adding a little liquid of your choice and perhaps a few other fruits or yogurt to a blender can make a great homemade summer treat that will not only taste great but nourish you as well. Another tip as well is when making a smoothie, make a little extra and pour them into popsicle molds. The kids will love it! The options are truly endless.
**use organic when possible**

Here's another idea a virgin piña colada


There are of course a multitude of homemade healthy recipes out there. My favorite for getting new ideas when my brain is not coroperating 😜 are off of Pinterest & Instagram, which is where I post some of my recipes too. Hope you are able to make the time to experiment with your own recipes & creations and mostly to avoid as many chemicals a lot of package foods offer so you can be Nutritionally Well.
Below are pictures of Walmart's not so "great value" and a video of this ice cream not melting
YUCK it is! A nice reminder of what chemicals & preservatives do or shall I say not do.

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