Thursday, 26 November 2015

Maple Water

  A New find for me. First I've never heard of this never mind even seeing it anywhere, but as for taste, I'm assuming it's going to be sweet. If this isn't true Canadian, what is?

  Maple water is apparently the NEW coconut water some are claiming. There is also debate if this is just a "healthy" new drink trend of the year. 
  For the record I am not a huge coconut water fan based on its taste. I do though have one I like a lot because it's flavoured with mango purée and that's from Happy Planet. I've blogged about that last year. It's terrific in my opinion. I have tried a few others with pineapple in it and I found them pleasant too. 
  Now comparing & tasting this Maple Water. I'm not liking it as much but putting it in my shake this am worked out better than on its own. I would probably buy it again but I wouldn't drink it straight up like I do with the Happy Plant product I mentioned. 
   My opinion is I do not believe neither coconut water or maple water provides the right balance of electrolytes to support high or long activity levels. But I do believe they both are great options to supplement the diet based on their vitamin and mineral content and health benefits. If you are a fan of either, then my verdict is just enjoy the drink for what it is. No harm done with getting in a ton of extra nutrients in a refreshing glass of either. 

  Below is Seva's website post and below that are other websites giving their opinions. I encourage you to check them out. I found it interesting. You may too, especially if you are a coconut water fan or just curious about Maple Water. 


SEVA Maple Water is 100% pure maple sap, the clear and 
nourishing water that flows naturally from maple trees each spring.
Meticulously selected to meet the highest standards of purity, 
authenticity and sustainability, SEVA Maple Water is refreshing 
with a just a hint of natural sweetness.

SEVA comes from the maple trees of Quebec's Laurentian Forest, 
one of the best preserved forests on earth, 
giving us maple water that is perfect just the way it is.
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Added Water
  • We add nothing but heart.
  • Maple water contains more than 

46+ nutrients 

essential to health.
  • minerals (electrolytes!)
  • amino & organic acids (protein!)
  • phytohormones (immunity!)
  • polyphenols (antioxidants!)

Maple Water | SEVA 100% Pure Organic Maple Water › ...

Here is what some have been saying about this NEW super drink
But as awesome as maple syrup is, there’s a new reason to be excited about spring sap. Turns out you can drink maple sap (or maple water) itself, and a few companies like Seva, Oviva and Maple3 are now selling it as a lower-calorie and better-tasting alternatives to coconut water.


So, is Maple Water Paleo?

Short answer: Yes, but it’s only marginally better than water!
Maple Water
The claim: It’s low-cal and loaded with super-hydrating “bioactive compounds” including vitamins, nutrients, and polyphenols—some of which promote thyroid and bone health.
The cost: Roughly $3.50 for 11 oz (although it’s not yet widely available)
The truth: The product is so new that there’s little research out there on its health benefits, Villacorta says. And while there’s some research touting maple syrup as a source of healthy antioxidant compounds, that doesn’t mean maple water will offer the same compounds in nutritionally significant quantities, he says. Maple water is supposedly high in antioxidants as well as manganese, which assists thyroid health, bone strength, and vitamin absorption, says Lilian Cheung, RD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. “But these claims are not verified by scientific studies,” Cheung adds.

Don't Drink the Maple Water: Which Health Drinks Are Actually ... › maple-water-chia-seed-juice-...


Maple Water

Calories: 20 per 8.45 fl. oz. box
Cost: Roughly $3 
Usually maple sap is boiled down to the viscous stuff you pour on pancakes, but recently several companies have been selling the sap straight to consumers, labeled as water. Far less sweet than syrup, maple water is touted as having a high amount of polyphenols, which act as antioxidants by protecting cells against cancer-causing free radicals.
The Verdict: “Because maple water is pulled up from the soil, it’s packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients like manganese, a key player in protection against free radicals,” says nutritionist Shira Lenchewski, R.D. Manganese also plays an important role in nutrient absorption and bone development. Since maple water has half the sugar of coconut water (four grams per eight fluid ounces), Lenchewski considers it a great option for daily hydration — assuming you’ve got a few extra bucks to spare.

Is Maple Water Worth the Hype? - DailyBurn › life › health
Maple Water
There are so many interesting beverages lining grocery store fridges: chia drinks, kombucha, coconut water, green juices and it’s sometimes hard to know what they are and which one is best. By now, one that you have certainly heard of is coconut water--the natural electrolyte drink that is loaded in potassium and is incredibly hydrating for the body. Well, step aside coconut water because Canada has its own local beverage called maple water.

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