Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hawaiian Smoothie

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A super food smoothie loaded with many nutrients including omega 3, fiber & protein. 
Heart healthy, diabetic friendly, gluten free & vegan. Not to mention a great post workout snack  

Base Ingredients 

3/4 C coconut milk ( ex: soy delicious )
1/8 C chia seeds
1/2 T unsweetened shredded coconut
Mix together milk & chia seeds and add to the glass this will be served in
Top with the shredded coconut
Set covered in the fridge overnight
*The next morning make the smoothie see below

Smoothie Ingredients

1/2 C pineapple coconut water ( or plain coconut water )
1 small frozen banana 
1 C pineapple ( not frozen )
1 T ground flax seeds ( also called flax meal )
1t maca powder ( optional )
1t ashwagandha powder ( optional )
1t shatavari powder ( optional )
Blend all together
Pour on top of base. 
Stir & Enjoy! 
No spoon needed. It's a perfect consistency for using a thick straw. A great grab & go breakfast or snack it is!
** Tip** if your smoothie consistency turns out to thick just add some more coconut water.

* use organic when possible *

A little note on the above superfoods supplements I chose to use. In every smoothie or shake I make, I add a few different superfoods outside of solid food. I call them "free foods" Usually I add all my super food supplements in each smoothie but today I only added three because I was going for a specific taste. Even though we try to eat well on most days, there are certain foods we can not eat enough of to the reap enough of their health benefits. Then there are some we would never eat that offer tons of benefits and also target specific health needs. I encourage you while you are eating well to include some superfoods of course in whole food form but also try some in supplement form to give your health the extra boost it may need. ** always check with your health care professional for any questions regarding any possible interfence with medications or specific health concerns before adding to your diet. Most are ok but but some can cause some concern**
Check out the below websites to see some of the reasons why I chose these three supplements.

Maca Root Powder:

Maca Benefits | Maca Health Benefits | Maca Root Powder Benefits ...

Learn More About Maca Health Benefits. Use Maca For Increased Energy, Stamina, Mental Clarity, Fertility & More! Best Selection Anywhere.

Ashwagandha Root Powder:

What Is Ashwagandha? | The Chopra Center

Some key examples of the healing effects of Ashwagandha are: ...  before using Chopra Center signature supplements if you have any health conditions.

Shatavari Powder:

Shatavari – Ayurveda's Gift to Women | Kerala - Home of Ayurveda

Feb 15, 2013 - Good health can be enjoyed only when this balance is maintained. ...  Men also benefit from Shatavari, especially in the treatment of impotence and ...  The powdereddried root of Shatavari is used to make a juice to cure ulcers  ...

Hope you enjoy this smoothie or prehaps you tweak it more to your liking but mostly may you be Nutritionally Well..

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