Friday, 26 December 2014

Homeless Bodybuilder

When I first came across this video, I was so very fascinated. Even with english sub titles I had to watch it a few times trying to see and hear what I kept thinking I was missing, Nutrition!.
How was this man getting enough food to nourish himself & keep up his stamina. I was trying to see any food he may have had lying with in his very few personal items but all I could see was some containers of supplements & a mention of beans & cabbage. Yes supplements. That alone fascinated me. Then I came to know that this mans food intake wasn't what I was going learn about in this video nor what the video was about. I realized I had completely learned something else. I re-learned the strength of the mind, the power of intent. If you haven't heard about this man, allow me to introduce him

Meet Jacques Sayagh
A 50 year old homeless man determined & passionate about keeping himself in shape & alive.
If this doesn't fascinate you please allow it to motivate you. Change your mind, change your life. That is where strength starts. That of course works for anything in life not just fitness. 
Here is the video. It's approx 6 minutes

Respect, Jacques Sayagh Homeless Bodybuilder - YouTube
Dec 9, 2014 - Uploaded by Bar star street workout
RespectJacques Sayagh Homeless Bodybuilder. <a href="/channel/ UC2NsGopVE0emf42 ...

***sorry the link isn't playing any sound***  go to YouTube instead of using this link if you wish to view it.:)

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