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85 Ways to Eat More Fermented Foods

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Why Do We Need Fermented Foods?

There’s plenty of evidence to prove that the state of our gut influences our mental, physical and emotional health. Countless studies show that an overabundance of ‘bad’ bacteria is linked to digestive issues, skin disorders, ADHD, mood swings and anxiety, weight problems, food allergies and autoimmune disorders. How do these harmful bugs get so out of control, you ask? Poor diet, antibiotics (both those prescribed to us and those found in our meat and dairy), anti-bacterial cleaners and birth control pills all contribute to a lower level of beneficial bacteria.
Don’t despair, recent studies prove that by simply adding friendly bacteria back into our bodies we can force out the bad microbes, and so prevent or control negative conditions like acneIBSCrohn’s Disease and many neurological issues. While you could head to the health store for some probiotic pills, there is a much more effective and economical alternative – fermenting your own foods! This guarantees even greater quantities of healthy, living bacteria, plus you get several different strains of these microbes, for optimal gut health.

Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious. Microscopic organisms – our ancestors and allies – transform food and extend its usefulness. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies confirm what folklore has always known: Fermented foods help people stay healthy.

Many of your favorite foods and drinks are probably fermented. For instance: Bread, Cheese, Wine, Beer, Mead, Cider, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Pickles, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Salami, Miso, Tempeh, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha.


Most fermented foods are easy to make at home. I've been making some of my own lately, mostly in drink form and I'm loving making them and I'm enjoying drinking them so much. The few recipes so far that I've made you can find under the title "Fermenting" here on the blog.

The whole blog is based on this below website. I wanted to share these recipes that the savory lotus has posted. There is something for everyone from the beginners to the experienced. Enjoy! 


1. How to Make Water Kefir from Delicious Obsessions
2. Lacto-Fermented Blueberry Soda from Fearless Eating
3. Cultured Strawberry Soda from Holistic Squid
4. Fermented Lemonade from Mind Body Oasis
5. How to Make a Ginger Bug from Nourished Kitchen
6. Fermented Orange Juice from Oh Lardy
7. Lacto-Fermented Fruit Kvass from The Elliot Homestead
8. Fermented Tea from Mind Body Oasis
9. How to Make Kombucha from Phoenix Helix
10. Peach Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead
11. Strawberry Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead
12. Apricot Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead
13. How to Ferment Your Nettle Harvest from Delicious Obsessions


14. Fermented Asparagus from Mind Body Oasis
15. Fermented Pickles from Mind Body Oasis
16. Fermented Carrots from It’s a Love/Love Thing
17. Lacto-Fermented Red Onions from Delicious Obsessions
18. Fermented Garlic from The Sprouting Seed
19. Pickled Peppers from Mommypotamus
20. Lacto-Fermented Citrus Ginger Carrots from Delicious Obsessions
21. Easy Homemade Dill Pickles from Primally Inspired
22. Lacto-Fermented Garlic Pickles from Real Food Outlaws
23. Lacto-Fermented Curried Squash and Zucchini from Delicious Obsessions
25. Raw Brussels Sprout Kimchi from Jar of Honey
26. Dilly Carrots from Oh Lardy
27. Fermented Carrot Sticks from Real Food RN
28. Fermented Ginger Carrots from Stupid Easy Paleo
29. Indian-Spiced Lacto-Fermented Cauliflower from Delicious Obsessions
30. Fermented Carolina Coleslaw from Oh Lardy
31. Fermented Radishes from Mommypotamus
32. Fermented Mushrooms from Oh Lardy
33. Pickled Brussels Sprouts from Delicious Obsessions
34. Sweet and Sour Fermented Coleslaw from Homemade Mommy
35. Raw Kimchi Green Beans from Jar of Honey


36. Homemade Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut from Savory Lotus
37. Fido Fermented Sauerkraut from South Beach Primal
38. Fermented Curtido Sauerkraut from South Beach Primal
39. Lact0-Fermented Beet Ginger Sauerkraut from Delicious Obsessions
40. Homemade Sauerkraut from Hollywood Homestead
41. Simple Purple Sauerkraut from Homemade Mommy
42. How to Make Kimchi from Real Food Outlaws
43. Kimchi Recipe from Delicious Obsessions


44. How to Make Milk Kefir from Nourished Kitchen
45. How to Make Kefir from The Urban Ecolife
46. Homemade Creme Fraiche from Delicious Obsessions
47. Real Ranch Dressing from Homemade Mommy
48. European-Styled Cultured Butter from Delicious Obsessions
49. Homemade Cream Cheese from Delicious Obsessions
50. Raw Pumpkin Kefir Cheesecake from Homemade Mommy
51. Homemade Cottage Cheese from Homemade Mommy


52. Herbed Cashew Cheese from Savory Lotus
53. Coconut Milk Yogurt from Gutsy By Nature
54. How to Make Coconut Milk Yogurt from Tasty Yummies
55. Cashew Nut Yogurt from Delicious Obsessions
56. Coconut Milk Kefir from Homemade Mommy


57. Fermented Ketchup from Homemade Mommy
58. Easy Lacto-Fermented Ketchup from Girl Meets Nourishment
59. Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise from GNOWFGLINS
60. Whey Mayonnaise from Healthy Living How To
61. Homemade Garlic Chilli Mayonnaise from Economies of Kale
62. Fermented Mustard from Punk Domestics
63. Lacto-Fermented BBQ Sauce from An Organic Wife
64. Lacto-Fermented Cucumber Relish from Paleo Leap
65. Fermented Salsa from Tasty Yummies
66. Lacto-Fermented Green Tomato Salsa from Thank Your Body
68. Homemade Pickled Ginger from The Nourishing Cook
69. Fermented Mango Salsa from Fearless Eating
70. Fermented Peach Chutney from Fearless Eating
71. Fermented Cranberry Sauce from Oh Lardy
72. Lacto-Fermented Pear Butter from Little Owl Crunchy Momma
73. Fermented Mixed-Berry Maple Syrup from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition
74. Lacto-Fermented Blood Orange Marmalade from Delicious Obsessions


75. Kombucha Popsicles from Hollywood Homestead
76. Lact0-Fermented Berries from Oh Lardy
77. Lacto-Fermented Apple Sauce from The Coconut Mama
78. Fermented Fruit Leathers from The Coconut Mama
79. Homemade Healthy Kombucha Fruit Snacks from Homemade Mommy
80. Paleo Fruity Kombucha Jello Bites from The Paleo Mama
81. Homemade Jello Fruit Cups from Homemade Mommy
82. Happy Belly Cheesecake from Savory Lotus
83. Fermented Eggs from Oh Lardy
84. Preserved Lemons from The Elliot Homestead
85. Fermented Fruits from Pickle Me Too

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