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Probiotic Cashew Milk ( AKA Kefir )

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Just 3 ingredients to this raw probiotic drink. 

Nut milks are not only easy to make but the fresh homemade taste you just can't beat. No additives like carrageenan to consume like most store bought non dairy milk brands include. Just cashews. If you do choose a store brand try looking for one that doesn't include this preservative. I use the creamy cashew Silk brand when I'm not making my own. Now to further increase the healthiness of your freshly made nut milk, add a few probiotic capsules to it to increase the health benefits with the help of some good bacteria. 

Just why does this process increase our health benefits? Fermenting our foods help increase the absorption of nutrients. It helps balance the good & bad bacteria in our guts which in return helps improve our immune system, improves metabolism, aids in weight loss, supports mood and brain function and the biggest support in preventing chronic diseases. Our health begins in our gut. 

I've just recently started fermenting, well I mean outside of my canning & pickling I have done on & off for years. It's been a dry spell on that for awhile now. I usually buy my fermented foods as I found I just didn't have time with all the cooking I do already. But I have to admit I was delusional on that thought. As this does not take up any of my time as I thought it would previously before I started fermenting. When I'm juicing my citrus fruits it's only one more step to turn it into its healthier version. Same with the coconut yogurt/kefir I made using a can of coconut milk or how about some fresh berries or lemons I previously blogged about. I get so excited seeing all my jars sitting out on the counter. I'm like a little kid waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.
So let's get started on this easy & healthy recipe.


1 cup raw cashews (or nut of your choice/soaking times will differ) see link at the bottom of the blog
8 cups of filtered water
3-4 probiotic capsules


Rinse cashews in filtered water.
Soak cashews for about 4 hours or if more convenient leave out overnight in a glass bowl. Add filtered water to cover the nuts. 

Once done soaking rince the cashews from its water. ** note that this is not healthy to drink and needs to be discarded**
Place cashews and about 8 cups of filtered water into your blender. I use my Vitamix. Blend for about 2 minutes to ensure water and cashews are completely blended.

Using a clean bowl big enough for the entire milk amount, place a nut bag over the bowl and pour contents into the bag. Squeeze out all the milk leaving the remnants of the nuts to be either discarded, used in another recipe or added to your smoothie. You will find that there isn't very much pulp left. The soaking and longer blending is part of the result of that. 
Now open your probiotic capsules and pour the powder ( discard the casing ) into the milk and mix with a wooden spoon. **do not use a metal spoon as it may deactivate or weaken the probiotic strength.

Leave on the counter or anywhere out of direct sunlight that is at 70 degrees F ( about 21 C ) for about 12 hours and then cover the bowl with a breathable cloth. example: cheese cloth.  

When is it ready?
If the kefir smells like yogurt and taste sour then it's done. If you prefer the taste to be stronger then ferment longer. Mine wasn't ready at 12 hrs and it was 9:30 pm so I just left it till the next morning which was about 22 hrs in duration. I have to admit it's AMAZING! 
**being my house gets to about 65F during the night I left my kefir wrapped in towels. The bottom & the sides leaving still the top open with the hood range light on. Just to keep it to as close to 70F as possible.

Pour your now "kefir" into sterile glass containers and refrigerate. Consume within approx a week or a bit longer. 
** by putting the kefir into the fridge slows the fermenting process down. If you were to keep it on the counter in your glass jars it will continue to ferment. Still safe to drink but to be honest I don't know how long to say to consume it with using this method** Besides I prefer it cold & the taste would probably get to sour for my liking. 

How to consume your kefir. 

 Add it to your smoothies.

 Or drink it straight up.

Some people are a little sensitive to consuming fermented foods. Due to what kind of shape the gut is in. If you are not used to eating or drinking them start off with a little shot glass ( 1 oz ) to see how you react. Then increase the amount if you wish.
Some people just consume kefir as a supplement but as I mentioned you can add it into a smoothie using even a cup full if you wish. I recommend approx 1/4-1/2 daily on an empty stomach otherwise

I seem to favour making probiotic drinks. I just love how they taste & how simple they are to make and that the whole family loves them too. I hope you join me on making these recipes I post to also help improve you and families good health. After-all we all need to be Nutritionally Well and this is a great start to just that. 

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