Sunday, 10 January 2016

Probiotic Juice's

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Making your own probiotic drink can't be any simpler. 
Improve your health and please your taste buds at the same time.


2 cups freshly squeezed organic lemon juice or another citrus fruit of your choice
10 cups of filtered water
3 probiotic capsules
** using organic is best**


Squeeze lemons and add the juice and the water to your clean 1/2 gallon mason jar
Break open your 3 capsules, using the powder only and add to the jar and mix well 
Seal tightly and set aside out of direct sunlight for 3 days. I just leave mine on my kitchen counter
I suggest writing on a sticky note your date & time and stick it to the top of the lid of the jar to help you keep track of the days. 
Open the lid once each day to release some of the pressure ( carbon dioxide ) and seal again tightly 
After the three days open the jar and add sweetener of your choice. 

***When I first made this I added sweetener at the very beginning of the process, which was organic coconut palm sugar which is why the juice has a bit of a brown colour. The next batch I added it after the fermentation stage. So which ever you prefer. I found after worked best for me. I used 5 packets of stevia and it was perfect. Depending on your sweet taste buds will determine how much sweetener you will need

 My second batch. As you can see it's a nice yellow colour with the stevia added. Taste the same, just looks different. 

 Using orange juice

 Using grapefruit juice

 Using raspberries

The raspberries were my first probiotic juice using the same above recipe with 6 ounces of raspberries.
With the raspberries I used fresh and mashed them a bit in the jar to release some of its flavour then added water and probiotic powder. 
I think with other citrus fruit like oranges, grapefruit & limes I would still juice first. However you can just slice the fruit too. For any berry I would recommend the same process as I did with the raspberries.

Hope you enjoy!

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