Thursday, 18 February 2016

Roasted Celeriac Root

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Celeriac root is a vegetable that I think is often over looked. Most likely because it looks a bit strange or perhaps intimidating. I mean what do you do with it? Isn't that the most common question we ask ourselves when we see an unfamiliar or funky looking food? If we never ate celeriac root as a kid or saw others cooking it, chances of us picking it up and buying it is probably slim. I always think every time or almost every time we grocery shop we should be adventurous and try something new. Pick a new food item up, bring it home and look up how to cook it. With your first attempt at cooking something new, try preparing it on its own as sauces and a over load of spices can mask its flavour. 
So here is a simple & easy recipe for celeriac root to try. If its not new to you then maybe this is a new way to prepare it. There's nothing masking the flavour of this delicious vegetable, let's get started.


1 celeriac root
Olive oil
( Spice & herbs of your choice )
I used: rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, salt & pepper


Heat oven to 375F 

Wash the root from all its debris such as dirt and bits of strings 
Place the root onto a piece of tin foil large enough to cover it entirely 
Drizzle enough oil to cover the root well and sprinkle on the herbs & spices
Wrap the root completely and bake till tender, about 2 hours or less

You can peel the outer layer off or eat it. Just like you would a baked potato 
Being a root veggie, you can chop, boil & mash it or even purée it or use it in a soup
This vegetable can also be eaten raw, either grated, sliced or chopped
However you choose to prepare celeriac root, I hope you give it a try as some of the funkiest looking foods are the tastiest. Enjoy!

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